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Grant Writing

Grant Writing Service3

Have your grant edited by Brenda Birmann, part-time grant editor with the ORC. Brenda provides individual feedback, assists with English language, grammar, and writing style, and ensures formatting and content is in line with NIH guidelines. You may sign up for either an ‘Aims only’ or ‘Full Proposal’ slot for the months preceding your submission date. Brenda does not provide scientific review, so we recommend getting feedback from your mentor(s) before submitting to have as complete a draft as possible.

Initial slots are offered weekly on a first-come, first-served basis. Investigators may be given editing help with up to two full submissions within a 12-month period (or two full submissions and an ‘Aims only’ slot, if timing allows for the third request after giving preference to first-time requests). Additional requests beyond this limit can still be submitted through the REDcap form and will be placed on a waitlist to be accepted if the desired slots are not claimed. Similarly, a second request within the same NIH cycle (as marked by the Feb/March, June/July, and Oct/Nov deadlines) will be initially placed on the waitlist to ensure we can help the maximum number of investigators.

UPDATE 9/4/2020: All editing slots through October 19th are currently filled. You are still welcome to submit an application and will be placed on the waitlist in case the slot opens up.

Sign up to have your grant edited here.


Career Development (K Series) Grant Writing Workshop Series

The Office for Research Careers (ORC) is pleased to offer a pilot workshop series designed to provide guidance and feedback to junior faculty applying for National Institutes of Health Career Development (K) Awards.

Application closed for Summer 2019 cycle.

Full 2019 RFA

Career Development


Mentoring Circles Program

The Mentoring Circles Program (MCP) is a program created by postdocs for postdocs. Two senior postdoc mentors meet with a small group of 5-7 junior postdoc mentees on a monthly-basis to give advice and help advance their career. Applications for the 2020 – 2021 academic year are open through August 17th.

Learn more & apply to the program.

CURE Mentoring Program

The Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences Program (CURE), administered by the Initiative to Eliminate Cancer Disparities, allows postdocs to mentor a high school or undergraduate student in their lab for 8 – 12 weeks during the summer.
More info about CURE.

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